Saturday, August 23, 2014

Disneyland Paris Postcards, Vol. 1

I don't have anything resembling a serious collection of Disneyland Paris postcards but I thought it might be fun (and instructional) to post a few of those I have been sent or taken home over the years.

Today I'm starting with a few older Disneyland Hotel designs, plus one that's probably among the earliest postcards of the park.

This first postcard is from the transitional period of 1994 or early 1995; the park had changed names but the final logo hadn't been determined yet. And of course the name over the entrance still reads "Euro Disneyland."

A design from the late 1990s, emphasizing the peaceful Fantasia Gardens.

And one from the early 2000s. The back still reads Disneyland Paris, so it must have been printed before the addition of Walt Disney Studios (and the term "Resort" in the destination's name) in 2002.

As a bonus, here's a very early postcard of the park, front and back... The castle wasn't even finished when the picture was taken (notice the missing decoration above the lower stained-glass window) and the "Euro Disney" logo seen below was no longer used by the time the park opened.

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