Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Euro Disney Resort Map

For the first few years, guests to a Euro Disney Resort Hotel would receive the above map at check-in, with their hotel layout and room number on the rear. Very soon, with all the changes happening around the resort, the map became out of date and was discontinued entirely, making way for other channels to help hotel guests find their way around the resort.

Most obvious would be the numerous name changes. Not only would Euro Disney Resort and Euro Disneyland "merge" their nomenclature to become collectively known as Disneyland Paris in 1994, Festival Disney was soon renamed Disney Village and (as is perhaps less well-known) Lake Disney was the new name for what was originally called Lake Buena Vista.

Likewise, Camp Davy Crockett would turn into Davy Crockett Ranch many years before all hotels depicted here (excluding the Disneyland Hotel for obvious reasons) added the prefix Disney's to distinguish the resort hotels from partner hotels in Val d'Europe and Val de France.

A few things were added over the years (from the TGV station to the Gaumont cinema, even a second theme park of sorts) but one item on the map disappeared very early on: the Neverland Club, a play area and TV room meant to occupy children while their parents enjoyed the bars and night clubs of Festival Disney.

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