Tuesday, January 21, 2014

(Euro) Disney(land) (Resort) (Paris) Logos…

Between its development and today, through its various name changes, The Resort Currently Known As Disneyland Paris has gone through quite a few logos. Here's an overview that should cover most of them…

1. The first logo, from the mid-to-late 1980s, was used on most early communication and on WDI documents of the time.
2. The Tinkerbell variant of No. 5 was used for graphics inside the park, most notably the dedication plaque and the first series of attraction posters, produced around 1991. Today a version of it remains in use as the Disneyland Hotel logo.
3. and 4. A few versions of the Euro Disney logo were designed, representing the overall resort when the park opened in 1992.
5. At the same time, this Euro Disneyland logo stood for the theme park itself, sometimes underlined with the same bold stroke seen in the following two logos.
6. and 7. When it was decided to change the name from Euro Disneyland to Disneyland Paris (both for the park and for the resort on the whole), a gradual transition first added "Paris," then removed "Euro" from the logo.
8. After the transition phase, this new but still similar logo was used for a short while, mostly on merchandise products.
9. and 10. Eventually, by summer 1995, the now-classic Disneyland Paris logo appeared, with an occasionally used castle variation. At this point the "land" part of the name was completely redrawn.
11. In time for the opening of Walt Disney Studios in 2002, a distinction between the first park and the entire resort became necessary. The former became Disneyland Park while the latter was named Disneyland Resort Paris.
12. The main logo being very busy, to the point of being distracting in compositions, a simpler one-line logo was designed to be used in certain cases (in combination with an attraction logo, for example).

In 2008, the resort returned to the simpler "Disneyland Paris" name and to the logo seen in No. 10, often adding decorative elements related to a season or to a marketing campaign.

Note: Omissions include further transitional logos which were used during name changes, before the final logos were released. For example, in 2002 a Disneyland Resort Paris logo using the overall design of No. 10 was used in some isolated cases… even rarer was a variant of the same saying "Disneyland Paris Resort" (sic). Another example from an earlier name change can be seen in my previous post, on the 1995 map. 

Furthermore, the logo for the resort's 15th anniversary used a completely unique design. It isn't featured here because to the best of my knowledge it was never used as a stand-alone logo. An even fancier version of logo No. 11 was also created, with a Castle and Earffel Tower icon in the upper right. I've not included that version for the sake of decency.

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