Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Euro Disneyland Passports (plus Starnights)

Back when Euro Disneyland opened in April 1992, tickets weren’t simply called “tickets.” They were advertised as “passports” which would allow you to enter the magic kingdom of Euro Disney Resort. I scanned a few early examples from my collection.

The first series of adult passports featured an illustration of Tinker Bell flying over Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant. The child equivalent showed Goofy soaring over the clouds on Dumbo’s back.

Soon, these were replaced by different passports for low, mid and high season. Aladdin artwork stood for low season, mid season was also called “Dalmatian Season…”

…while high season was “Mermaid Season.”

A separate design was created for the so-called “Starnights” passports, a lower-priced ticket for entry after 5 p.m. on long summer days.

Special entertainment programs were also handed out when you bought your Starnights passport. Here’s one from July 1993:

A while ago Le Parcorama shared a TV spot for the Starnights promotion featuring Zorro. Watch the last video on this page for full Summer 1993 immersion!

Since 1993 special tickets for late entry in summer have been popping up inconsistently every once in a while. These days, both the term “passport” and the solid plastic appearance live on most prominently in the Annual Passport program. Day tickets switched to paper when Walt Disney Studios opened in 2002.

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