Thursday, May 9, 2013

Faux Attraction Posters, Vol. 2

Here's my first post on the subject, in case you missed it.

For my Disneyland Park posters, I took my inspiration from old Disneyland posters which in turn were in the style of travel adverts of the time. For my Walt Disney Studios poster series I decided to go to a different source, more in line with the subject matter: old movie posters.

So here are my three designs, each inspired by a different style of movie poster.

A poster for my favorite attraction in the Studios, CinéMagique, was a great occasion to try out a bit of digital retro portrait painting. I wasn't 100% satisfied with the result but Jerry Rees had some kind words to say about the poster.

The Tower of Terror poster was inspired by horror and mystery movie posters from mid-last century. I wanted to include a credit for a more authentic look so I admittedly had to look up the name of the ride's show producer.

I think I did this Animagique poster mostly so I could have fun with the style of old Disney cartoon posters… and maybe a bit because I was running out of WDS attractions that inspired these retro designs.

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