Friday, May 10, 2013

Frontierland Maps

I've spent over two years working on various Frontierland attractions in Paris, mostly on Big Thunder Mountain and the Keelboats, but also helping out on Phantom Manor and the Riverboats every now and then.

During that time I submitted a few designs for use in day-to-day operations. Here are two that I did for projects which never saw the light of day.

One is a map of Big Thunder Island:

The other is a map of the Rivers of the Far West, originally meant to decorate the Keelboats office along with a "Wanted" poster of each pilot:

On both maps I had the invaluable help of Frontierland imagineers Jeff Burke and John Patrick Burke who gave advice and filled in any missing gaps for place names I hadn't been able to find in the park's documentation.

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  1. With DLP now offering Land specific merchandise, the timing
    is perfect for prints of your highly detailed, "period themed"
    maps to be made available for Frontierland guests.