Sunday, May 5, 2013

Newport Bay Club Shop Windows

Due to a recent Twitter conversation I decided to make today's post about the current Newport Bay Club shop window displays, on which I worked back when I was a graphic designer in the resort's Visual Merchandise team.

The brief was to show Donald's family on a sailing trip. A colleague came up with a concept for each window display while I was in charge of creating the final graphics and artwork. I proposed a graphic style based on vintage travel posters and decided to ground the scenes in the universe created by Carl Barks for his Duck comics. You might spot Cornelius Coot and the money bin in the background, or see Uncle Scrooge's $ and McD logos in various graphics.

I made luggage tags for each character. Donald's and Uncle Scrooge's addresses I was able to look up; I couldn't find anything on Daisy Duck, however. In the end I decided she lived at "14, Flower Street." It sounded vaguely familiar and seemed appropriate.

Since the displays were first installed in early 2011, they've seen quite a few changes but most of my graphics are still there. I hope that some fellow Barks fans staying at the hotel find and enjoy the small references.

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